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Swamp Cooler Repair and Installation in El Paso

Swamp Cooler Repair

Regardless of what kind of air conditioner you have, an AC unit in your home or business is essential in El Paso. While most home and business owners are switching over to refrigerated air, many are still choosing to stick with a swamp cooler. Refrigerated air is a more advanced system and it requires less maintenance. However, swamp coolers definitely have their own advantages as well.

Advantages of a Swamp Cooler

Most homeowners decide to stick to a swamp cooler because it is more cost effective in many ways. First of all, purchasing the actual unit will cost thousands less than a refrigerated air conditioner. Secondly, the cost of running this system is far less as well. A swamp cooler runs on a very simple system. A pump pours water onto pads which become very wet. From there, air is pushed through the pads into the home. The moist air brings the temperature in the home down. The electrical and water costs are minimal compared to running a refrigerated system. Because a swamp cooler runs on such a simple system, the repairs are relatively quick and easy. Pumps are usually very inexpensive as well.

Our certified technicians offer prompt service. Whether you have a breakdown or you would like regular service, we can help. Our experts are knowledgeable in all kinds of HVAC systems. You don’t have to worry about your swamp cooler breaking down because our technicians offer prompt service. When it comes to emergency breakdowns, we will arrive before the temperatures in your house start to soar. We also offer regular services twice a year to ensure that your AC is in top condition. We can inspect the system and make sure there are no trouble spots that can later become problems.

Disadvantages of a Swamp Cooler

Many people overlook the benefit of low utility costs and an inexpensive cooling unit for several reasons. Swamp coolers tend not to function well when there is humidity in the air. In El Paso, rainy weather can cause a swamp cooler to be ineffective. These AC units also require a few windows or doors in the home to remain cracked. This is another downside for many homeowners. Because of the simple system that these coolers run on, they also tend to break down more often. A technician will need to get on your roof to make repairs.

However, despite all these facts, if your budget doesn’t allow for a conversion just yet, we can help with any maintenance or repairs to your swamp cooler.

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Whether you need a new system installed or a repair to your current system, we can help. If you would like us to conduct a refrigerated air conversion, we can take care of that as well. Our experts have the experience and knowledge working with swamp coolers to get your unit working in top shape. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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