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The Efficiency of Heating and Cooling Systems

At Mechanical Technologies, our goal is to always provide the best services for our customers. When you have issues with your heating or cooling, we want to offer you the best solution possible. Your heating and cooling system relies on your ducts in order to effectively heat or cool your home. As a result, any leak in your ductwork can severely affect how your home feels. While one leak may not affect your system too badly, having more than one is a much larger problem Mechanical Technologies can help you with.

Know if You Have Duct Leaks

When you are experiencing problems with your temperature control system, your duct system likely has more than one leak. Your average duct system can have anywhere from 20-40% air leakage, and as a result, your system becomes less efficient over time. This means you will need to run it more and more, causing your utility bills to skyrocket. Leaks throughout your duct system will also increase dust and allergens spreading throughout your home. Additionally, air leaks can cause mold and water damage inside your walls. If you begin to notice a definite change in temperature from room to room, you might have significant air leaks.

Options for Duct Repair

Usually, one can attempt to repair leaks in exposed ductwork with duct tape, caulking, or other conventional methods. However, these quick fixes will typically have little success. There are also probably more small holes within the system that are only accessible through the walls. Instead of breaking down your walls, Mechanical Technologies is now offering Aeroseal Duct Repair, which acts as a sealant throughout your duct system. It effectively patches up any small holes you have throughout your system.

How Does Aeroseal Work?

Aeroseal is a 6 step process in which your duct system is temporarily sealed throughout your house, allowing us to perform a forced air injection into the duct work. The forced air heats up adhesive particles that will stick to the small hole until the hole is sealed. The adhesive only coats the holes, not your ducts and it will not dry out or crumble with age. Our certified technicians will provide you with a computer analysis of your system’s air leakage before and after the repair is performed. In most cases, over 80% of the air leakage is repaired. This makes your cooling and heating much more efficient and effective, saving you money on your utility bills. The entire process takes about one hour. That’s one hour to save the money you were otherwise wasting on ineffective repairs and higher energy costs.

If you are interested in Aeroseal, Mechanical Technologies is here to help. We are the only Aeroseal provider in the El Paso area, so contact us today!

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