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The Growing Popularity of Refrigerated Cooling in El Paso

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Are you tired of fighting with your old swamp cooler every time summer rolls around? It’s time to stop using an outdated cooling method and consider refrigerated air conversions in El Paso. Refrigerated air is becoming more and more popular in desert areas like El Paso for many reasons. Many property owners have chosen to upgrade to convenient central units that can handle both your heating and cooling needs. We happily provide assistance to El Paso property owners with the installation of refrigerated air systems, as well as with system maintenance and repairs.

Pros and Cons of Refrigerated Air

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, blow hot dry air through water absorption pads in order to cool down. As a result, influences like outside weather and humidity levels affect the efficiency of your cooling. However, unlike evaporative coolers, outside temperatures, humidity, or water temperatures do not affect the efficiency of a refrigerated air system. In addition, you improve the quality of your indoor air with a system that does not pull in outside air. Not only that, when you run a swamp cooler, you have to keep a window or two cracked open to help with airflow. This is why refrigerated air systems are better for people with allergies than swamp or evaporative coolers. These systems work well even in humid conditions and run on variable speed motors or inverters to expand energy efficiency even further. Disadvantages of refrigerated air systems include emissions from refrigerants, as well as a higher operating cost than swamp coolers in some cases.

How Does Converting to Refrigerated Air Work?

For properties with a swamp or evaporative cooler system in place, making the air conditioning conversion to refrigerated air makes sense. When the summer weather becomes humid, swamp coolers will not push cool air into your home. In addition, scorching temperatures can affect the water temperature. This means there will be days that the indoor temps will rise no matter what temperature you set your swamp cooler. Refrigerated systems keep your home cool no matter what. Our expert technicians will explain the conversion process. Keep in mind, it is important to ensure the property structure has a duct system that is capable of handling the distribution of cooled air. If not, a conversion may not be possible without a major overhaul of the duct system. However, the good news is, in most cases, the swamp cooler duct work is perfectly suitable for an air conditioning conversion. Not only that, many homeowners choose to place the refrigerated air unit on the ground next to the home. This adds convenience when it comes to maintenance.

The Experience of Converting to Refrigerated Air

Refrigerated air conditioning conversions don’t need to be stressful or complicated. If you are considering converting to a new refrigeration system, keep these questions in mind:

  • What are my expectations?
  • What do I want out of my system? (Cool air, improved indoor air quality, etc.)
  • Am I concerned with efficiency?
  • How often do I have to maintain or repair the new system?
  • What type of warranty should I purchase?
  • What are the top brands?

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Our HVAC professionals can help you determine if a refrigerated air conditioning conversion is right for you. Additionally, they can help you understand the exact nature of your air conversion. To learn more about refrigerated systems and other HVAC services Mechanical Technologies offers, contact us today!

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